2017 TOURS 

Reservations Only, MUST be made at least 48 hours in advance online.
You may call us if less than 48 hours to see if we have a tour guide on call.
Pay at the door, cash only, exact change please.
Tours are NOT investigations. Please do not use this page for Private or Public Investigations.
Please complete the form at the bottom of the page to make your reservation. You will be emailed your waiver. Please print this and bring it with you.
Have everyone in your party also complete this form.
Call 724-657-6934 with questions.
Please call within 24 hours to cancel.   We have scheduled tour guides for your date. 

Description of Tours

Tours do not include an investigation (Ghost Hunt). Public and Private Investigations also include a tour.

All of our tours include a brief history mixed with paranormal experiences of our tour guides and past guests.  Please feel free to ask questions. No age restrictions.  Please use your best judgement.

1.5 Hour Tours – $25 per person
You will be taken on an approximate  1 to 1½ tour of the building with one of Hill View’s tour guides.  After the tour you may visit our gift shop, then you must exit the building.

3 Hour Tour then Explore – $35 per person
You will be taken on a 1 – 1 ½ tour of the building with one of Hill View’s tour guides. After the tour you may visit our gift shop. You will have the remainder of the time to explore the building on your own. 


Rarely do we hold public tours at night, especially on a Friday. These are our 1.5 & 3 hour tours, just in the dark. Read the descriptions above. Reserve now because we will only be taking up to 25 people per time slot. We will hand out a few pieces of equipment randomly to our guests to carry through the tour.  

Please be sure to select your time slot on the form at the bottom of the page. Each person must complete the form which will be emailed to the email address you enter.  You must print this form and bring it with you that night. Cash at the door, please have exact change.  

$40 per person 

 8 pm  –  11 pm No tour – just explore

$40 per person

12 am  –  3 am Tour then explore

If you plan to have a few spirits of your own before arriving, we may refuse to let you in. There will be a bouncer at the door checking. We have had problems with drunk people getting loud and disruptive before and don’t want to make it a bad experience for anyone.

Day Tours

Day Tours run every Saturday and Sunday Starting April 1 – November.  You must make reservations. 

1.5 hour tour – 3 pm to 4:30 pm
3 hour tour – 3 pm to 6 pm

Private Tours

You can book a private 1.5 hour or 3 hour tour for 10 or more people.  The cost is $350 for 10 people or less. Over 10 people the cost is $35 per person.  We only schedule private tours Sunday through Thursday as long as the date you want is available on our Private Investigation calendar.

Please do not fill out the form until you have spoken to us. You must call us to arrange a private tour. 724-657-6934  You will then be booking your private tour on our Private Investigations page upon instructions.  You will need to make our regular deposit of $250 to reserve.  Balance is due upon arrival.

Photography with or without tour

You can choose either the 1.5 hour or 3 hour tour just for photography.  You will be able to freely walk around the building to take photos and are not required to take the group tour. We normally do not allow pictures on the tour, because it can be disruptive to the guests.  So if you plan to take the tour, please be prepared to stay with the tour group at all times. Occasional photos are permitted as long as you are not leaving, holding up the group, or being disruptive.  If you choose the 3 hour tour, you can take the tour and take photos after. If you choose the 1.5 hour tour just for photography it would be best not to take the tour and just freely walk around.


*Dates and prices are subject to change. Cancellations could occur due to weather or emergencies. If you have paid and there is a cancellation, you will be notified and refunded. Haunted Hill View Manor holds the right to cancel a reservation at any time for any reason.  


Fields marked with a * are required.

If you are late you may miss the tour. Please do not schedule if you are not sure you are coming.  If you can't make it, please call us to let us know.  724-657-6934

We only accept cash at the door for these tours.  Exact change is appreciated!

Please have each person fill out the below form. You will be emailed your waiver to print and bring with you.  

If completed successfully, the form will disappear and you will receive a confirmation email with your waiver.